The strengthening of the system of active labor policies: the centrality of work and training

The GOL program , acronym for ' Employability Guarantee' , through a massive investment of over 5 million euros , is the pivot of the reform action that will strengthen the system of active labor policies.

Thanks to the consultation between the National Agency for Active Policies (ANPAL) and the Regions, the GOL program aims to achieve important goals relating to the reorganization of the labor market system , aiming at a greater connection between public and private actors and focusing on professional needs. of citizens and businesses.

By focusing on results-oriented programming, a crucial role for the implementation of the Program is also entrusted to the Regions, which have obtained the green light from Anpal in relation to the implementation plans presented. One of the milestones of GOL, in fact, concerns the adoption of regional plans that are consistent with national guidelines in order to homogenize the fragmentation of services, guaranteeing a role of proximity that develops throughout the territory aimed at reach any target. The GOL program aims to encourage the development of integrated territorial networks to guarantee truly personalized action on real needs.

In this scenario, the centrality of the role of active labor policies within the National New Skills Plan is confirmed , through the strengthening of the professional training system with a view to a life long learing approach .

The strengthening of the system of active labor policies: the centrality of work and training.

The driving role of active policies , as well as within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, is also evident in the orientation of the inter-professional funds, subjects involved in the action to support businesses and workers.

A clear example of this is the Notice 3/2022 - Active Policies of Fondimpresa which specifically aims to encourage the implementation of interventions aimed at the qualification / requalification of unemployed and / or unemployed workers to be hired following training courses. With a financial endowment of € 10,000,000, the Notice allows the creation of training plans designed in response to the needs of professionals difficult to find in the local labor market.

Active labor policies together with  reskilling  and  upskilling paths  are therefore confirmed as determining factors in bridging the mismatch between demand and supply of skills.

A scenario in which it is increasingly evident that training is envisioned as the keystone for companies that want to increase their competitiveness in future years.