The SINTEC project, started in January 2019 and funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program with almost 4 million euros, organizes a Summer School with the aim of sharing the results obtained so far within the project, presenting and testing the first extensible smart patch prototype developed by the partners and exchange knowledge with students, researchers and professionals in the wearable electronics sector . The school will be held in person in Castione della Presolana (Bergamo - Italy) from 7 to 10 June 2022. The event is free upon registration on the project website: -and-wearable-systems-summer-school /

The aim of the school is to show the innovations that the SINTEC project will bring to the wearable sensor sector and above all to network with companies and other projects funded by Europe to find out what the future innovations of the flexible and stretchable electronics market will be . The speakers will show how a classic rigid circuit can be transformed into a flexible and extensible patch capable of communicating with the latest IoT technologies for monitoring the health of the person, both in health and in sports .

The event, co-organized by Warrant Hub and Uppsala University, will see the participation of high-level professionals and researchers from other European projects funded in the same sector as SINTEC, the WELMO, Socket Sense and LifeChamps projects.

"We chose the Prealps, in particular Castione della Presolana, because it is the perfect place to study but also because it is a great opportunity to visit a wonderful place and to create new interactions between professionals" - says Isella Vicini , Director of the European Funding Development of Warrant Hub SpA, organizer of the Summer School - "for these reasons the program also includes guided tours to discover this beautiful land".

The school accepts a maximum of 50 participants