Strengthen the development of managerial skills and the competitiveness of member companies. This is the goal of the new Notice 1/2022 published by Fondirigenti, which makes a total of 7 million euros available to finance the training interventions dedicated to the development of key skills to better address the major transitions underway and issues such as:

  • Environmental and social sustainability
  • Digital transition
  • Risk and crisis management: energy, financial, supply chain and cybersecurity
  • Skills for change
  • The skills of young leaders

Companies that are members or new members of Fondirigenti can submit an application to participate , without any restrictions linked to the size class, the territory and the sector of reference . Each company may submit a single training plan, accessing a maximum loan of € 12,500.00 .

A higher score will be assigned to single plans presented by small companies and aggregate plans (with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 companies) which envisage the participation of at least one small company.

Applications can be submitted from 12.00 on 16 MAY 2022 to 12.00 on 16 JUNE 2022 and the results will be published with the ranking within 90 days.

The Notice constitutes an important step in Fondirigenti's strategy to support the registered companies and which aims to simplify procedures and spread more and more managerial culture.