February 2022: the truth about bank debt also online

The Central Credit Register represents the image that credit institutions have of the company, in particular when accessing credit again or when checking and updating existing lines. Even before the company provides quantitative data (final and prospective balance sheets), the intermediaries have precise information on the financial behavior of the company. Much of the bank rating is weighed on performance data: the better the credit lines are used, the easier and more convenient access to credit is.

From the beginning of February it is possible to access the survey of 31/12 and the previous ones also with the online procedure by accessing the link https://arteweb.bancaditalia.it/arteweb-fe-web/cr (via SPID or CNS). It is a particularly important survey, especially after yet another year characterized by unpredictable variables. In fact, the figure as at 31 December is important both for the comparison and alignment with the financial statement data that is being approved, and for assessments in prospective terms on the evolution of debt: in this regard, the planning of the "indispensable" flows for the regular amortization of loans is a fundamental element for the correct management of corporate finance.

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This activity, as well as in relation to ordinary operations with financial interlocutors, could prove to be very useful in relation to the planning functional to the correct administrative structure (see Code of the business crisis 2019 Dl 12/01/2019 n ° 14, GU 14/02/2019).

Regular use, expressed in the Central Credit Register, facilitates access to credit, but any irregularities (not always known or technically known) literally prevent the opening of new relationships or new lines of credit, also negatively impacting the overall pricing applied ( and also to strive for the correct corporate setting).

This demonstrates the importance of the monitoring that companies must carry out in order to better relate to credit institutions; the analysis of one's debt, control of any overdrafts or outstanding payments on the various lines (self-liquidating, maturity and revocation), control and verification of adequate reporting by intermediaries (incorrect reports were found on various occasions) and guarantees on the system, ensure that the company can have mastery of its financial image and awareness of the reasons for a positive or negative evaluation.