Marche: Technological and digital transition of production processes and organization

The persistence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still reverberates its repercussions on world economies today.

In the current recovery phase , the use of new digital technologies becomes of even more fundamental importance, as it will allow companies to reorganize and restructure themselves according to the paradigms of the digital transition, increasing the flexibility of production processes and reducing general costs at the same time. , in order to restart private investments heavily penalized by the pandemic.

With the call for "Technological and digital transition of production processes and organization", the Marche Region intends to support Marche SMEs in the adoption of innovative reorganization solutions , in order to favor their recovery and digital transition and guarantee their better competitive positioning. also internationally.

To this end, the call provides for the granting of non-repayable grants for the implementation of innovation projects of production processes, of the company organization especially through technological and digital transformation activities .

The total eligible cost of the investment project must not be less than € 25,000.00 and cannot exceed the value of € 140,000.00 .

The application must be submitted through the SIGEF computer system from 10:00 on 16 May and by 12:00 on 30 June 2022 .

The financial endowment is 4.2 million €, of which 1.7 million € from Axis 1 - OS 1 - Action 1.3 - Intervention 1.3.1 "Promote business innovation processes and the use of new technologies digital "and € 2.5 million exclusively for companies located in the crater area and neighboring municipalities, on axis 8 - OS 21 - Action 21.1 - intervention 21.1.1" Support for productive investments in order to relaunch growth economic and competitiveness.

This announcement is implemented pursuant to art. 7 " Interventions in favor of the digital transformation of businesses towards business 4.0 " of regional law no. 4 of 17/03/2022, based on the resources of the POR FESR 2014-2020 of the Marche Region. Finally, the intervention is part of the program of urgent interventions for economic support to the Marche companies affected by the crisis generated by the Russian / Ukrainian war referred to in DGR no. 317 of 21/03/2022.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from the Marche region , in single form, which at the date of submission of the application are active , duly registered in the register of companies at the Marche Chamber of Commerce , can access the call .

For the purposes of the notice in question, business projects aimed at carrying out process innovation or organizational innovation activities are eligible. The projects must obligatorily provide for the introduction / implementation of at least one of the innovation technologies listed in List 1 and strategic consultancy that accompanies the company in the adequate adoption of the technologies themselves. The project may also envisage the possible introduction / implementation of one or more technologies included in List 2.

List 1 : Mandatory use of the following technologies including the planning or design of related interventions:

  • advanced and collaborative robotics;
  • human machine interface;
  • additive manufacturing and 3D printing;
  • rapid prototyping
  • internet of things and machines;
  • cloud, High Performance Computing - HPC, fog and quantum computing;
  • cyber security and business continuity solutions (eg CEI - cyber exposure index, vulnerability
  • assessment, penetration testing etc);
  • big data and analytics;
  • artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning;
  • blockchain and distributed ledger technologies;
  • technological solutions for immersive, interactive and participatory navigation (augmented reality,
  • virtual reality and 3D reconstructions);
  • simulation, digital twins and cyber-physical systems;
  • vertical and horizontal integration;
  • digital technological solutions of the supply chain for the optimization of the supply chain; o technological solutions for the management and coordination of business processes with high business integration features (eg ERP, MES, PLM, SCM, CRM, including tracking technologies, eg RFID, barcode, etc).

List 2: optional use of other digital technologies, provided they are preparatory or complementary to those provided for in the previous List 1:

  • e-commerce systems;
  • geolocation;
  • EDI systems, electronic data interchange;
  • technologies for the in-store customer experience;
  • mobile and / or internet and fintech payment systems;
  • digital systems to support the sales force, including product configuration systems for B2B and B2C platforms.

The projects must be related to the areas of intelligent specialization in research and innovation of the Marche region referred to in DGR n. 42 of January 31, 2022.

Companies wishing to apply can also ask for the voucher referred to in the public notice of the Region and the Chamber of Commerce " VOUCHER DIGITALI IMPRESA 4.0 ", aimed at the acquisition of consulting and / or training services functional to the implementation in the company of one or more enabling technologies (List 1 and 2). The same expenses will not be able to benefit from the concessions provided by the public notice "VOUCHERDIGITALI IMPRESA 4.0" and by those provided for in this announcement.