Emilia Romagna: measure 4.2.01 open for agro-industry

From 22 March it is finally possible to apply for measure 4.2.01 - Investments aimed at agro-industrial companies in an individual and system approach, one of the most interesting measures for agro-industrial companies in the Emilia Romagna region. The measure, we recall, has an endowment of Euro 59.2 million.

The action is aimed at processing and / or marketing companies of agricultural products that demonstrate that they operate in a supply chain context, defined as the potential to sell / place their products, guaranteeing adequate remuneration for the agricultural companies that sell the material. Before; it takes the form of the disbursement of incentives, in the form of capital grants, for tangible and intangible investments that are:

  • intended to improve the overall performance of the company;
  • comply with the Community rules applicable to the investment concerned;
  • aimed at consolidating or increasing the competitiveness of the company itself, with particular reference to process and / or product innovation;
  • referring to the sectors identified in the RDP

The aid is granted to enterprises which carry out activities of marketing and / or processing of agricultural products referred to in Annex I of the Treaty both on entry and exit - excluding fishery products - and which bear the financial burden of the initiatives. The marketing and / or transformation activity must relate to raw materials purchased / transferred for at least 51% by third parties.

The following types of intervention are admissible:

  • - construction, restructuring, modernization of air conditioning systems, transformation, marketing of products from the agro-industrial chain;
  • - introduction of innovative technologies aimed at responding to new market opportunities;
  •  - technologies and procedures aimed at developing new or greater quality products or opening new markets;
  • - plants and technologies functional to the rationalization of the production cycle and to the qualification of productions also from the aspect of food safety;
  • - construction and / or modernization of collection, reception, storage, conditioning, sorting, packaging facilities;
  • - obtaining levels of environmental protection and occupational safety higher than the minimum indicated by current legislation;
  • - works related to obtaining greater energy efficiency of the system such as: thermal insulation of buildings, rationalization, and / or replacement of heating, air conditioning, power supply and lighting systems, installation of systems and equipment functional to the containment of energy consumption in the cycles processing and / or provision of services. These interventions can be admitted only if they involve an energy saving greater than or equal to 20% compared to the initial situation;

  •  - installation, for the sole purpose of self-consumption, of plants for the recovery and distribution of thermal energy within the production unit, or for the recovery of the heat produced by production plants

Financial aid will be granted in the form of capital grants . The intensity of the aid is set at 35% calculated on the total expenditure. The proposed investments must have a minimum financial size of € 1,000,000.00 and a maximum of € 2,850,000.00.

Applications for support based on the type of operation 4.2.01 can be presented from 22 March and up to 13.00.00 on 1 July 2022 with the procedural methods approved by the agency