Welcome to the Daily Ideas Help blog

We are happy to make available to those interested in keeping up to date, a tool that collects new online content on the issues that are most important to us, related to business research, development and innovation: our blog.

The goal we have set ourselves is to create a space dedicated to sharing content that we consider interesting and that we have been dealing with on a daily basis for years: Subsidized Finance - with a focus on PNRR, European Financing, Corporate Finance, Innovation and Business Training.

This is a highly involved project; in fact you will find: 

  • articles written by the experts of our Research Department and our Business Units; 
  • contributions from authoritative journalists and opinion leaders in their sector;
  • and finally, readers' opinions and news: visitors to the blog will be able to propose articles of interest to them and / or topics to be examined in more detail.

We hope that this blog over time will become a place to stay updated, learn more and be able to discuss current news, new technologies, research and innovation. 

Enjoy the reading!